Whats The Difference Between A Service and MOT?


Whats The Difference Between A service And MOT?

Motorists spend the most money on two areas of a routine vehicle maintenance, these are the Car Service and the MOT. Knowing the difference between a service and MOT can be important to saving yourself lots of money and one good way to get a discount is to book both services to be carried out on your vehicle at the same time.

MOT Test

It is required by law that your vehicle be tested with an annual inspection, this is known as an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test. The tester is in no way permitted to dismantle your car in anyway to see if there are any faults. They determine whether your vehicle is safe to use on the road by following a checklist that is devised by the Government Agency DVSA. On receiving your pass certificate you may receive notes giving advice about areas of your car that might need improving in the future but the tester will only be concerned on what he can see there and then to determine your vehicle safe for road use.

The inspection areas include:

  • Brake performance
  • Tyre checks
  • Emission checks
  • Electrical checks
  • Corrosion checks
  • Suspension and wheel bearings
  • Seatbelt checks
  • Headlamp testing and any other lights
  • The condition of the Windscreen
  • Any items inside or outside the car that might distract the drivers view

Car Service

This is an inspection carried out to follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer of the vehicle. During the inspection a mechanic will be looking into all the parts that fall into the ‘full service’ category. His main aim is to repair or replace anything that will not make it through until your next car service.

These may include:

  • Air and oil filters being changed
  • Any other fluid levels inspected and refilled
  • Light bulbs checked and replaced
  • Brakes dismantled and if necessary shoes or pads replaced
  • Brake fluid topped up
  • Tyre pressure checks

Now that you may feel more confident in what exactly takes place in each of these key vehicle tests a good idea would be to book them both for the same time if there due test times are near to each other. Remember this would be a good strategy to save money and by doing a little research into your local garages or MOT test centre’s you may discover some good discount deals that would help shrink the costs of doing separate tests.

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