Brake Pad check And Replacement

Brake-Pads-Discs-replacement-gloucestershireAs far as safety goes, the brake pad & disc system are by far the most important system you will find on your car, it is also the most overlooked area and can often be discovered in a very poor and dangerous state. Brake pads and discs in particular can continue operating, even after they are excessively worn. The issue here is that they cannot perform to the required standard to stop you in an emergency and there efficiency will be devastatingly reduced. These are the reasons our company offers a FREE no obligation, visual brake pad check, by one of our qualified and experienced mechanics at any time. A quick 2 minute pit stop could be the difference that helps you to evade an entirely avoidable car accident.

Many brake pads and discs are kept in stock locally and most of the time can be changed within a couple of hours. There are many brands in which our customers can chose from depending on budget, ranging from the eco parts, to the premium names such as Bosch and Lucas.

Car Battery Testing Gloucestershire

At our workshop we also have the facility to test your vehicles batteries, completely free of charge we can tell you just how well your battery is performing and if it is time to change it. Most batteries are readily available and come with at least a 2 year warranty but can be anything up to 5 years depending on our customer’s budget, either way you can rest assured that a fully warrantied battery is being installed.

Exhaust Replacement 

Exhaust blows and knocks can be extremely annoying whilst driving along, we have the ramps and facilities to accommodate all vehicles no matter how low or high they are, to gain access to the complete exhaust system. We can supply and install a variety of different makes again ranging from the economically priced range right up to the Bosal systems all accompanied by full warranty.


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