Car Servicing Gloucestershire

Car servicing is a vital part of prolonging the life of any vehicle, at any age.

Each vehicle manufacturer provides detailed car servicing schedule for each specific make and model and these can usually be found in your vehicle owner’s manual. On some vehicles the instrument display can also advise you on your upcoming car service and what is recommended to be carried out.

Regular car servicing does not only prolong the life of your vehicle but it can keep you up to date on the general condition of your car, keeping the risk of an unexpected breakdown to an absolute minimum and avoiding what could be a costly repair bill. A general rule of thumb for car servicing to a safe standard, is to have a full vehicle service carried out one year and a small basic one the next. This would be an advisable routine to adopt, offering customers the safety and dependability they expect from a modern road vehicle.

Here at PDL we always look to keep things as simple as possible for our customers, this helps to avoid any confusion or miscommunication, helping us to understand exactly what our customer wants.

With this in mind we have in place a very simple structure for vehicle servicing of ALL MAKES AND MODELS.

It is simply:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Each grade of car servicing entails different items, ranging from the very basic bronze service, to the full works of the platinum.

Car Servicing Gloucestershire


In addition to any of the services listed, we can accommodate a mix and match selection on various items as well as other services such as MOTs, just ask a member of our reception staff to quote you on these.

It is worth mentioning that all parts used are of OE quality (Original Equipment), which means you can have your car serviced in the knowledge that it will not affect your manufacturer’s warranty and high quality parts are being used, to give you the best service possible.



Vehicle Servicing Gloucester