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Print Your Own MOT Certificate.

Print Your Own MOT Certificate. So, you’ve decided to sell you car. You’ve given it a good clean inside and out, topped up the oil and the screen wash and given the tyres a pump. The ‘FOR SALE’ sign is up, and the enquiries are coming in. Soon enough you’ve made your...

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ADBlue Servicing Now Here

ADBlue Servicing Now Here The latest emissions regulations, referred to as Euro 6, came into force in 2016 and created a bit of a challenge for diesel engines, namely finding new ways to minimise nitrogen-oxide emissions. The technology employed is called selective...

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Payment Assist Helps You Spread The Cost

Payment Assist Helps You Spread The Cost Payment-Assist is a new to market product which enables you, the consumer to spread the cost of various purchases/costs across many months. Initially founded by like-minded people who thought it was time to look at the market...

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What Kind Of Footwear Is Legal to Drive in?

What Kind Of Footwear Can You Legally Drive in? The Law is quite clear in this respect – Rule 97 of the Highway Code states “Before setting off, you should ensure that clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner” Whereas the...

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Help – My Car Is Overheating!

Help – My Car Is Overheating! The most common causes of overheating are problems with the cooling systems and these can be exacerbated by hot days where the temperature tops 30c. If your car overheats (temperature warning light comes on or steam is coming from your...

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Fixing Car Scratches

Fixing Car Scratches If your car has been scratched – then read on…. If your car has been deliberately vandalised then report it to the police and refer to your insurance company to see if you have vandalism cover but the chances are though, that your car has been...

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Keep Your Dog Safe When Travelling

Keep Your Dog Safe When Travelling Going on trips with mans best friend can be memorable, but as we know they are very curious animals and like to move around or try to get closer to you. This can raise the question, are you keeping your dog safe when traveling? If...

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Changing A Tyre

Changing A Tyre A puncture or blow out can be a shock whilst driving so it's always important to check you your tyres before setting off for your journey. If you do experience a puncture or blow out, pull over in a safe place where possible and compose yourself before...

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Keep Your Car Fighting Fit!

Keep Your Car Fighting Fit! Like your own body, maintaining your car regularly is essential for its long-term health. Ensuring that you keep up with routine checks, fault finding at the earliest opportunity and, generally treating your car with respect will help it...

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