Benefits Of An Air Conditioning Recharge


Your Air Conditioning Deteriorates Every Year

Every year your cars air conditioning gases are slowly seeping away with around 10% of the gas that helps keep your car cool throughout the summer lost, this dissipation of the gases means that your cars air conditioning system is loosing its efficiency and effectiveness to combat heat.

Most vehicle manufacturing companies such as Ford, Vauxhall & BMW etc have a standard recommendation when it comes to the recharge of the gas and lubricant that keeps your aircon system working to its optimum, their suggested refill period is a minimum of every two years.

How does Air Conditioning work?

Your cars air conditioning system is an extremely clever and simple system, it pulls in air from outside the vehicle and then forces it through your air con filter, this removes any moisture and dirt / dust particles giving you clean air to breath.

Having a fully functioning air conditioning system also helps clear your windscreen quicker when using in combination with heat, an air con system with a reduced gases means that it is not functioning properly and potentially pulling damper air into the vehicle, this means a cooler flow to the glass and slow de-mist action.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning?

Having your air conditioning system checked annually means that not only will the gases and lubricants be topped up and ready to give you a fully functioning system but also that your filters will be kept fresh and able to cope with the higher demands of particles and pollen.

Hayfever is a seasonal ailment for millions of britons, having air-con re-charged and checked annually can help to alleviate these symptoms as well as aid those with other respiratory problems.

Temperature related stress is also ailed by a correctly working air conditioning system, Fatigue and general tiredness can be caused by excessive heat or cold, you may also experience minor, but repetitive conditions like headaches, colds, discomfort, coughing, and other elusive symptoms so a controlled and fully functioning air con system is as important as ever during the summer for those suffering.

How long Does An Air Con Recharge And Check Take?

The recharge and check over of your air conditioning system should take no more that 45 minutes, this is presuming that you have no defects or issues with the system. We provide a printed report or certificate giving you a before and after output level showing the improvements.

Get Your Air Con Checked FREE At PDL

If you are unsure about the current status of your cars air conditioning system pop down to our Gloucester based garage or BOOK IN with us and we will carry out the basic checks free of charge.

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