A Guide To Selecting Windscreen Wipers


A Guide To Selecting Windscreen Wipers

Surprises await you when it comes to picking and replacing your windscreen wipers. You will be amazed by the numerous types and alternatives available. Although wiper blades mostly have similar uses, they operate in different ways, have different prices and distinct efficiencies. We have outlined the major types of windscreen wipers below to help you decide the perfect wipers for your ‘pocket’ and vehicle. 



The standard (traditional) wiper has a history that dates back decades. It consists of a metal frame while its blades are made of rubber. The structure binds to the wiper section of the car. It also has oscillating spring suspension points that are responsible for keeping the blades on the windscreen.

A vast majority of new vehicles are still fitted with conventional or traditional wipers. Most wiper blade manufacturers agree that a wiper blade should be retained for a around of 6-12 months, after which it should be replaced, of course with care you can elongate the lifetime but their effectiveness does deteriorate over time.



The beam wiper blade offer an advanced form of window cleaning. A large number of windshield wipers’ producers also produce Beam wiper blades. On beam wiper blade, the metal design of a conventional wiper is replaced by rubber. This feature is useful when the weather is extremely unfriendly. Unlike in a conventional wiper, the beam blades can adequately wipe off snow and ice. At the base of the wiper blades are a spoiler which holds the blade strongly against the windscreen to allow for full contact even at great speed.

Beam wipers are more expensive than the conventional wipers but more than makes up for it by being more durable.



Crossbreed wiper blades combine the advantages of both the standard and beam wipers. Not only are they affordable but they are also effective in different types of weather. Similar to a conventional blade, it has an metal frame and oscillating suspension points. Also, the frame is protected by a rubber covering which makes it more affordable and strengthens it to withstand tough weather. The composite or hybrid wiper blade has a price point that is in between the price of both the conventional and beam wiper blades.


If your wiper blades are older than 12 months or have never been replaced we can supply and fit types to suit your vehicle, get in touch with the team and arrange an appointment.

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