How To Keep Your Windscreen Wipers Clean & Squeak Free



Keeping your vehicle windscreen wipers clean should be part of your weekly maintenance & service,  many customers find that their windscreen wipers squeak or judder under operation and this can be caused by multiple things.

Why are my windscreen wipers squeaky?

The squeaky noise is caused by too much friction between the blades and windscreen., it could be caused by the motor of the blade being too high, but more than likely it’s a thin film of dirt or grime which has coated the rubber, windscreen wiper blade.

This can happen from general driving dirt,  when resin from leaves or trees builds up or all those insects that get splattered whilst on your travels, There are many different thoughts on how best to clean your windscreen wipers, below are some common tips.

How often should I get my window wiper blades changed?

Most experts suggest that wiper blades need to be changed every six to 12 months, though this depends both on your local weather conditions and on what the blades are made out of. Ordinary rubber blades have the shortest lifespan, halogen-hardened rubber blades can last longer whilst silicone blades have the longest lifetimes of all, perhaps exceeding a year even under intense use. Of course they also cost more than ordinary rubber blades.

To be safe make an appointment to let us check your windscreen wiper blades, we stock various types and for all most models of car so can recommend the best ones to suit your vehicle and budget.

Some Common Tips To Clean Your Windscreen Wipers and Windscreen

1. Clean your windscreen glass thoroughly, you  could try one these products to remove excessive build up but do not do this all at the same time it could damage the wipers or other parts.

  • Windex
  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda (sprinkled on a dry or damp paper towel)

2. Replace your wiper blade refills regularly, if not you could damage both the wipers and the windscreen,  windscreen wiper blade refills are not terribly expensive so replace them at least once per year

3. Refill your windshield wiper fluids – this is key, Lots of wipers skip when the windshield isn’t quite wet enough, so check your fluid level and top up if necessary.

4. Make sure you check your blades or the wiper assemblies under them are too loose or too tight. Too little or too much tension between the glass and wiper can also cause juddering or squeaking.

5. If your windshield wipers no longer conform to the contours of your windshield, it’s time to get new ones


Unsure whether your windscreen wipers will pass the MOT then get in touch today and let us put your mind at rest.

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