Where To Get Your Police Producer Stamped In Gloucester


The question if you have never received on is – What is a police producer?

A police producer or HORT/1 – VDR (Vehicle Defect Rectification notice) is a pink slip given to you when you have been pulled over by the police if your vehicle is not considered roadworthy, this could be for anything as little as a brake light failure to needing new tyres or getting a full check over due to excessive smoke.

Where To Get Your Police Producer Stamped In Gloucester?

PDL MOT have long offered a police producer stamping service, we carry our repairs and servicing to make your vehicle roadworthy again so that it complies with the law we will then stamp your police producer to show that the work has been completed to the required level by a professional garage.


Act Quickly To Avoid Further Penalties

You must get your car repaired and the Police Producer stamped and returned to the specified police station as soon as possible and no longer than 14 days from being stopped or you run the risk of further penalties and possible seizure.

What Is The Cost To Get My Police Producer Stamped in Gloucester?

Providing the repair work is carried out by us here at PDL we will charge a fixed £10 fee to stamp the form, we will not stamp the vehicle defect notice if the repair work is not carried out by ourselves as that is illegal. Should you have a Police Producer act now to get your vehicle back to a roadworthy state and Contact Us For an Appointment.

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