What Is An Air Filter And What Does It Do?


What Is An Air Filter And What Does It Do?

For your vehicle to run, it’s internal combustion engine requires a mixture of air, fuel, and a spark in exact quantities to help it fire up and generate power. Air is sucked into the engine and needs to pass through the air filter before it enters the engine. Before passing through the filter air is filled with engine damaging particles and contaminants including microscopic grains of sand, dirt, pollen and even leaves and feathers. Your air-filters job is to ensure none of those harmful nasties makes it into the engines combustion chamber as they can cause excess wear on your engine parts.

How Often Should You Replace Your Air Filter?

Your air filter is classed as a maintenance item and needs to be regularly checked, cleaned and replaced. In an ideal world the air filter should be changed annually or around every 12,000 miles. Change cycles can vary depending on driving conditions and the level of dust in the environment, so if you leave near the sea it’s almost certain that your air filter will become clogged more quickly. As the airs contaminants build up in the filter, it makes it harder for you engine to ‘breath’, this reduced airflow can also lead to serious engine performance problems.

Signs Your Air Filter Needs Replacing

Your vehicle’s performance problems may all stem from a dirty or clogged air filter. Here are several warning signs to look for:

  • Reduced engine power, throttle response, or acceleration
  • Poor mileage and high fuel consumption
  • Misfiring or rough-idling engine
  • Black smoke coming from your exhaust
  • Check Engine light illuminated

Changing Your Air Filter

  1. Check your owners manual and purchase the correct air filter replacement.
  2. Lift the bonnet of your car and look for the air filter housing box, usually a black plastic box secured with a couple of screws or clips.
  3. Remove the cover and take out the old filter, make note of the direction it is placed in so that you can replicate this with the new filter.
  4. Compare the filters and ensure they match before placing the new one into the air box and re-securing the lid.
  5. Make a note of your mileage and the date so that you have reference point for future changes.

If you are unsure which filter you need or where the air box is located in your car, PDL are able to service your vehicle for you and will replace your air filter during this process. We also stamp your service book to show that the car was serviced and which items were replaced giving you and future buyers extra peace of mind that everything is up to date. CLICK HERE to book your service online.

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