Warming Up Your Car Is Against the Law


UK Drivers Who Warm Up their Cars Are Left Out in the Cold

The many UK drivers who warm up their cars are often being left out in the cold. Warming your car up on a cold morning is quite normal, isn’t it? Nobody would want to jump in their car and freeze while they wait for it to defrost, would they? It is much easier to warm up in the comfort of your home until the car reaches the desired temperature. There are two reasons why we proclaim these drivers are being “left out in the cold.” Let’s talk about the first.

Warming Up Your Car Is Against the Law

It is against the law to leave your car engine running while no one is there to attend to it. Keep in mind that the law does not state that you may not defrost your vehicle. The law only says that you or someone must be with the car when you do so. If you walk away from the vehicle and leave the keys in the ignition; you are committing an offence. The bottom line is this; you must have control of your vehicle anytime it is running. If you are not in control of the car, you breaking the law. You cannot even load something into your vehicle while it is still running.

Warming Up Cars that Are Unattended Leads to Car Theft

Nobody wants their car to be stolen, do they? If you leave your vehicle running while you go into your home, it becomes easy prey for a car thief. Many cars are stolen on cold mornings when the defrosting process is most common. Everyone believes that a thief would not dare steal their car while they watch from the comfort of their home. However, this occurs more times than you might think. Try explaining to your insurance company that your vehicle was stolen in this manner. Chances are they will laugh at you and deny your insurance claim.

On one morning alone, 6 vehicles were stolen whilst the drivers defrosted them and left their cars unattended. It may be more comfortable to warm up in your home while you defrost your car. But it is not worth losing your car to a thief. It is best to dress warm and sit in your vehicle while it defrosts. Don’t be one of those Gloucestershire Drivers who warms up their car and gets left out in the cold.

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