Six Reasons You Need New Windscreen Wipers


Six Reasons You Need New Windscreen Wipers

Imagine driving home on one evening, you put on the headlight and turn the wiper knob. Unfortunately, what you see are smears and streaks which affects visibility and threatens safety.

If at any time you discover any of these signs below, know that it’s high time to get new windscreen wipers.

1)   Scratching Sounds

The gradual wear and tear of the replaceable blades on your wipers may lead to a nauseating iron-on-glass sound every time you swipe. It is necessary to rectify this problem instantly. This can occur quickly leading to your windscreen scratches getting stuck in regardless of how many times you scrub them.


2)   Peeling Rubber Blades

Have there been occasions where you observe the ends of your windscreen wipers rubber blades becoming loose or peeling? You would have to replace them as soon as possible. Note that only the UV rays of the sun may be enough to cause degradation of the blades/ rubber which dehydrates them out and make them peel or crack.


3)   Messy or Dirty Windscreen

If you notice a mess anytime you apply a washer fluid to your windscreen instead of washing away the dirt, you have to go for another set of blades.


4)   Ice Not Easily Removed

During winter, when the winds carry snow to the windscreen, it melts down and attaches to the wipers. If the chunks of ice remain attached to the rubber blades even after rotating it, you may need to work on the wipers or replace them it.


5)   Low or No Contact With The Windscreen

If you observe no contact between the rubber blades and the windscreen anytime you flip the knob, it may be due to the wearing down or misalignment of the blades. It may be wise to pull over and carefully examine the windscreen to check for any obstacle like snow or leaves. If you can’t find any, it may be time to change the blades or the entire wiper unit. Ideally, there should be a spring that connects the wiper arms to the windscreen; hence no contact may warrant the replacement of the whole arm.


6)   Wipers are Skipping

Do you notice hoping blades across the windscreen? Apply a little Rain-X water repellant to the shield to enhance the movement of the wiper blades, wipe dirt away and drive away the rain from the glass faster. If it is not effective, get new blades.

Prevention, they say is better than cure, so, proactive care is essential for your car. Endeavour to replace the wiper blades of your windscreen at least once in six months to avoid issues entirely.

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