Repairing A Chipped Windscreen

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Repairing A Chipped Windscreen

A chipped windscreen can is a minor inconvenience when it occurs but if left can escalate into an expensive problem, like most vehicle components windscreens are considerable more technical than they once were, windscreens that were once toughened glass are now laminated for better protection to the vehicle occupants, laminated glass has a plastic sheet sandwiched between the two outer layers of glass to stop it shattering or shard-ing and potentially causing harm.

Repairing a chipped windscreen is actually a more urgent matter than most give it credit for not only can your vehicle fail its MOT for having a chip within a certain area (more on that later) but under the stress of driving and bumpy road conditions crack and extend, what was once a small chip which is easily repairable becomes an expensive windscreen replacement whether your insurance covers it or not.

Insurance Windscreen Repair & Replacement

Most insurance policies nowadays do have a windscreen cover included or at least offered, you should consult your documents to see if repairing a chipped windscreen is part of your policy and if so what excess you may need to pay, modern windscreens can have all sorts of sensor systems built in such as heating, ultraviolet reflecting, auto wipers & auto lights, these types of windscreens can cost upwards of £500 depending on your brand of vehicle.

How Does Repairing a Chipped Windscreen Work?

Repairing a chipped windscreen or a windscreen that has a small crack involves injecting a special resin into the affected area, this will not only seal the windscreen from moisture (which in the winter can turn to ice and make the chip / crack worse) but it will also strengthen the glass and stop the chip from spreading and causing further damage,

Will My Car Pass An MOT With A Chipped Windscreen?

Repairing A Chipped WindscreenThere are multiple factors as to whether a chipped windscreen will cause your vehicle to pass or fail it’s MOT test, the first is size, and the second is portion on the screen.

Chips that are in the main drivers 290mm section of vision (Zone A) will pass the test if small enough, generally windscreen chips that are under 10mm will be ok anywhere on the screen this includes Zone A, within the remaining sweep of the drivers wiper (Zone B) the chips can be slightly larger at 15mm, Zone C which is the swipe of the passengers wiper outside that of the drivers will still allow a pass at anywhere up to 25mm and the remaining screen can have a chip up to 40mm in size before failing the test.

Gloucester Based Insurance Approved Repairer

PDL MOT & Repairs in the Bristol Road are of Gloucester are an insurance approved windscreen repairer, we work with many insurance companies & specialists to ease the pain of repairing and replacing your vehicles windscreen, simply book an appointment and we will asses the windscreen to see if we can quickly fix it with resin or you will need a new screen, allowing you to make an informed decision.

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