PDL Invests To Improve Your Service


PDL Invests To Improve Your Service

Many garages are either too busy or not busy enough to invest in equipment to better the service they offer you, here at PDL MOT & Repairs we have an ongoing development strategy to continuously keep our mechanics and equipment up to date with the latest standards.

Technology Waits For No One

As time passes your car is crammed with more and more intelligent technology and operating equipment aimed at giving you a better experience on your journey.  Whilst all of these high tech enhancements are fantastic for user experience when they go wrong they go very wrong!

Now don’t get me wrong; we at PDL are all for the advances in motoring technology, “Lane Keep Assist” and the like are all fantastic technologies from a safety perspective, what we need though is the right equipment to diagnose your cars issues properly when faults do occur.

Ethos® Tech Scan Has Arrived

The Ethos® Tech scan is the latest in diagnostic tools for you vehicle, it can be used on all makes and models and can investigate EML fault codes, SRS/Airbag faults, ABS faults and test all electrical sensors on vehicles.

DPF Regenerations on the Diesel Particulate Filters error codes are also readable, we can find out the root cause of that annoying light on your dashboard and get the light reset or at least show you the issue and what needs to be done to proceed with the repair.

About The Ethos® Tech

Snap-on who produce the Ethos® Tech diagnostic tool say:

  • It has OEM-specific coverage for dozens of systems including new technologies like TPMS, Hybrid power, Body controls, Suspension, Steering sensor, Park assist.
  • It is built for cars 1996-newer OEM-specific coverage for 46 domestic, Asian and European makes.
  • Software upgrades are delivered on the web so we will always stay up to date with your new vehicle.

I have A Dashboard Light, What will This Cost?

To read the code on the Ethos® is a flat £30 charge, we will then diagnose the issue for you and provide a print out for you to see the faults effecting your vehicle, we can then work with you on any corrective work that needs to be carried out before putting that light out!

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