PDL Become CGON Registered Installers

CGON-Registered-InstallersPDL Become CGON Registered Installers

PDL MOT & Repairs are proud to announce that we are now CGON Registered Installers. CGON produce emission reduction technology for cars and other vehicles. Utilising this technology with their pure and powerful hydrogen solution we are able to reduce emissions effectively, allowing diesel cars to pass the new more stringent MOT tests.

Why You Need CGON In Your Vehicle

On May 20th 2018 the new MOT testing rules came into force, these have made it extremely difficult for diesel vehicles to pass the test as the new rules state that the car must meet the manufacturers emissions plate value which is up to 5 x lower than the pre May value.

Any vehicles fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) that show any sign of smoke will immediately fail under the new regulations. CGONs products can cure this issue by injecting small amounts of hydrogen into the air intake which completely cleans the whole injection and exhaust systems instantaneously.

Trial and Success!

To test the product, we trialled it on an old 1983 Land Rover Defender, as you can imagine the output was smokey and under the new regulations would have no hope of passing. Once fitted with the ezero1 we ran the tests and it passed the test with flying colours.

Why It works

Once tuned the unit provides just enough hydrogen to generate an efficient combustion phase, burn all the fuel, rather than just a part of it and subsequently you get more power from fuel you actually use.

No ECU Adjustments

Here at PDL MOT & Repairs we do not adjust the vehicle’s ECU (Electronic Control Unit). It has been found that if you edit ECU software it will increase emission levels. This was found during many hours of R&D and VOSA (MOT) emissions testing.

Environmentally Friendly And 100% Recyclable

The ezero1 is 100% recyclable – the body is designed to be fully reused and since the precious metals do not degrade, they are fully reclaimable. Even the supply packaging is 100% recyclable.

To discuss fitting your vehicle and lowering your cars emissions get in touch with the team.

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