Motoring: How To Save Money?


Motoring: How To Save Money?

Motoring costs seem to be rocketing all around at a progressively increasing rate. It has become vital to follow some quick tips that could help you save up a considerable amount of money in the long run. Saving money on motoring requires just a few modifications and quick steps that can make a significant difference if followed consistently. If you happen to be one of those people who is looking to save on your motoring costs, read on as we break down the four most important tips to save up on motoring.

Hunt Out Cheap Fuel

This might seem like something that won’t turn out to be fruitful or will end being a wasted effort – but that isn’t the case if you’re willing to delve a little deeper to find the cheapest fuel in your area. Just keep a mental note of the pennies you per litre every time at each petrol station. You’ll probably end up finding one that costs less than the rest and eventually, a detour for that particular station will be worth it in the long run.

Keep in mind, however, that driving too far out to look for cheap fuel won’t be worth it, so a balanced approach is needed.

Look For A Cashback Offer Fuel Purchases

Fuel is where the most motoring costs go – and it’s not so difficult to save on this particular aspect by finding a solid cashback offer. Many banks offer cashback card offers that return you a certain percentage of your fuel costs every time you get a refill. While something as low as 2% or 5% as cashback might seem negligible – it actually adds up to a lot in the long run and can result in a significant amount of savings over the year. Two examples of cashback offers are Tesco and American Express.

Don’t Press The Accelerator As You Start The Car

This is the kind of convenient tip that only the wisest of drivers have known. We’re about to make this wisdom more public! Not pressing on the accelerator while starting the car will help you not waste any extra fuel as well as preventing any risk of damage to your engine. In the past, it was required to use some fuel to get the car running. Today, however, all cars have engine electronics that regulate the car starting procedure… The car will start perfectly without you pressing the accelerator.

Take An Advanced Driving Course

We get it, you’ve been driving the car for so and so years and don’t need any driving courses. However, advanced driving courses can help you learn tricks that you never knew before as well as polishing your driving skills so that you adopt the most economical and efficient practices of driving the vehicle. In fact, the art of driving as economically as possible is often known as Hypermiling – and once taken as a challenge, it can become addictive as well as save you a lot of money! Moreover, these driving courses might also help in bringing down the premium on your car insurance policy.

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