Key Steps to Maintaining Your Car Battery


Key Steps to Maintaining Your Car Battery

The battery of your vehicle are more prone to failure during extreme winter conditions. Below we will look into the main causes of a flat battery and give you some useful tips on maintaining your carbattery during winter.

Primary Causes of Flat Batteries

1) Failure to use your vehicle for an extended period.

2) Mistakenly leaving things like radio, exterior and interior lights on.

3) Extreme heat or cold may reduce the quantity of energy your batteries generate and thus, damage them.

4) A faulty charging system like the alternator may result in an under-charged or over-charged battery.

5) Some batteries are just too old not to get weak because it’s difficult for a battery to last more than five years, even when well maintained.

6) Installing a different battery in your car can prove harmful as the volume of power required to operate varies with cars.

7) Engaging in short trips on many occasions does not offer your vehicle enough time to charge your battery optimally.

8) Inadequate maintenance. You are expected to check the condition of your battery regularly.

9) When the terminals are corroded, it minimises the capacity of the battery to perform optimally.

10) Vibration caused by loose cables/brackets interfere with the electrical current of the battery and as such damages the battery.


How to Prevent a Flat Battery

1) Make sure your car has the right battery by checking the owner’s guide. Note that the specification of the battery varies with the level of equipment installed.

2) Always try to park your car under a shade or inside a garage as prolonged exposure to the sun will likely hurt the battery.

3) Don’t go after a low-quality battery because of its price because it may prove costly in the long run.

4) Also, avoid cold temperatures as it limits the volume of energy the car battery generates.

5) Make sure all devices are off including heated rear window and wipers before you put off the engine. Failure to do this may also destroy the electrical system of the car in addition to ruining the car’s battery.

6) You can try to buy a charger for your car battery as it will always be useful.

7) If you are the type that does not use the vehicle regularly, try to ‘warm’ it at least once a week to keep the battery well charged and the other systems working optimally.

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