Keep Your Car Fighting Fit!


Keep Your Car Fighting Fit!

Like your own body, maintaining your car regularly is essential for its long-term health. Ensuring that you keep up with routine checks, fault finding at the earliest opportunity and, generally treating your car with respect will help it live longer.

Much like ignoring your own health can be bad, neglecting your car can have long-term ramifications which could result in crippling repair costs.

Ensure Your Car Is Serviced Regularly.

Looking through your car owners manual you will see that the manufacturer recommends services at specific intervals. It’s important to take note of these and schedule your maintenance in your calendar or mobile phone to help you keep on top of them. Whilst sometimes servicing your car can feel like an unnecessary waste of time and money, it will save you lots on repair costs in the long run.

Getting The Basics Right

Whether you own or lease a car, there are obvious things you should always keep an eye on. When you’re cleaning your car on your day off, take a few moments to check that the water and oil are at the specified levels, also check that your tyre pressure is correct on all for corners and at the recommended PSI, look for tread depth and signs of sidewall damage.

Starting Your Car Correctly

When getting ready for your journey, don’t just turn on your engine and blaze away. Wait a moment and give your engine time to lubricate and warm correctly, allow at least 30 seconds. This gives your oil pump the chance to lubricate your car’s engine.

Keep An Ear Out For Unusual Noises

If you hear a strange rattle or noise, don’t ignore it. Unusual sounds should unnerve you as they are new and not what you are used to. –  listen to your engine and its scream. Loud clunks, whirring noises and ever-increasing hums should never be ignored, get in touch with our team of experts and let us diagnose the problem before it becomes costly.

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