Increase Performance & Economy With A Fuel System Flush


Why Your Car Should Have A Regular Fuel System Flush

As required by the EPA, all petrol sold in the UK must contain a minimum level of deposit-control additive to prevent buildup of sediment in the engine and fuel system. However, just because a fuel meets EPA minimums doesn’t mean it prevents deposits from forming.

Running your car over a period of time whether short or long distance can cause a build up of carbon deposits within the engine making you lose performance and fuel efficiency, to improve performance and return your cars fuel efficiency we offer a complete fuel system flush here at PDL MOT & Repair this can be booked as a stand alone service or a part of your main service or MOT booking,  Our Fuel Flushing service is to clean the complete fuel system right through to the fuel injectors.

STP Fuel System FlushWhich Fuel Flush Additive Do PDL Use?

There are literally hundreds of different fuel additives available on the market right now, some of them are good and others we wouldn’t touch with your barge pole, fortunately working in this industry we have been able to try a few different types of fuel system flush additives to ensure that the ones we use with your vehicle are the best for the job.

PDL recommend using the STP brand of fuel additives when completing a fuel system flush,  STP Fuel Injector Cleaner is specially formulated to help restore engine performance and efficiency by dissolving harmful deposits, and cleaning and conditioning the fuel delivery system. It also helps to reduce emissions and prevent hesitation and is suitable for all classic and modern engines, catalytic converters.

STP also offer a Diesel Injector Cleaner which works in a similar fashion and also achieves fantastic results, It also helps to reduce diesel consumption and exhaust emissions and is suitable for all diesel engines including DI, IDI and common rail, and catalytic converters.


How Often Should  Flush My Cars Fuel System?

You can wait until you feel a decrease in performance or until you see a drop in fuel efficiency but we believe that prevention is better than cure and to keep your vehicle running in it’s best shape you should perform a Fuel System Flush at least once every 12 months,  Book an Appointment today and we can complete the flush while you wait.

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