Often in the motor industry you hear a lot of female customers or potential customers, talking of concerns that some garages may feel more inclined to pull the wool over your eyes if you are a women. We understand this and realise that due to the industry we are in this is something we will be stereotyped as, In order to counteract this all of our team go out of there way on a daily basis to ensure everyone of our customers are treated with equal respect and dignity regardless of gender or race.

Our friendly receptionist Julie, who is very well known and respected by our customers as our “front of house” colleague or even the face of our company, understands this concept all too well.

” I started working at “PDL” over 3 years ago now, starting here I had absolutely no knowledge of cars or how they work and in all honesty, my knowledge to this day remains limited but the guys here at the company are fantastic to work with and without asking are happy to go that extra mile to ensure my job is made as easy and comfortable as possible, leaving me to concentrate on liaising with our customers and ensuring they leave with all the information they need and most importantly feeling confident that they have found a trustworthy garage to return to”

we asked our friendly receptionist Julie, 5 random questions to try and get to know her personality in a little more detail;

1) where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

” I am extremely happy here with the team at PDL, i’ve got to know our regular customers and I meet different people every day, which was a big selling point for me when i took the job, I’d like to imagine still being with the company, perhaps with a wage rise if my efforts are deemed valuable enough”

2) Is there a downside to working in a garage for you?

” The oil, definitely the oil, I am pretty fortunate that I have my own office and space which I can maintain and keep how I like it but as you can imagine when my space is invaded throughout the day by the guys it can involve one or two hand prints appearing on my desk”

3) What’s your favourite animal?

” I have a west island white dog at home Toby, who iv had for 9 years now. I love dogs and its always a pleasure when some of our doggy loving customers, waits for their MOTs with them. I get opportunity to meet lots of different dogs and I am always keen to say hello”

4) What is your idea of job satisfaction?

” Nothing gives me greater job satisfaction than one of our female customer leaving us happy and confident they have not been ripped off. I have been that customer, not knowing if I am being fed duff information , I empathize with that situation and do my utmost to make sure everything is explained correctly and understood. If i can see that something is not being understood I insist on taking the customer out to the ramp and physically showing them to help better understand”

5) What did you do before you started working at PDL?

” I was a registered childminder for 10 years working from home looking after new born babies and toddlers, before moving on as a level 3 manager at a children s nursery for a further 3 years. I have raised 4 children of my own throughout this time spam also and felt it was time to further my life skills and broaden my personal capabilities with a complete career change.”

Look our for more PDL MOT Staff “Meet & Greets” over the next few months.

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