Free Winter Brake Check


Get your Free Winter Brake Check at PDL MOT & Repairs

It sounds odd to say but very often on cars, the wear on your brake pads and discs can easily be overlooked or forgotten. It is a regular occurrence for our customers popping down due to a grinding noise from their front or rear brakes.

The main reason for this is that the inside brake pad and face of the brake disc, is very difficult to check without vehicle lifts or a good torch. Besides this even with all these it can still be a near impossible task to get a good or accurate view on the pad with the wheel in the way.

Here at PDL MOTs & Repairs ltd we are offering a FREE winter brake check!!! There is no need to make an appointment, just call by and one of our fully qualified mechanics will quickly and accurately assess the wear on your front and rear, brake pads and discs.

Having this check made could save you a substantial amount of money, 9 times out of 10 the pads will be the only part that requires changing however if you leave it to the point that it begins grinding, you will more than likely have damaged the discs and will have to have them both replaced, taking a possible repair bill of just £50 to over £120 plus VAT

So for the sake of a 2 minute check on what is the most important system on any motorised vehicle, the braking system, swing by our workshops on Bristol road, Gloucester and speak to any of our friendly qualified team, to request your FREE winter brake check. Or if you would prefer, give Julie a call on 01452 524611 and book in for a convenient time to suit your schedule.

Don’t get caught out by an unnecessary repair bill this winter, Get your free winter brake check and catch it before it costs!

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