Free Your Car From Insects and Tar

Free Your Car From Insects And Tar

Free Your Car From Insects and Tar

It cannot be argued that insects and tar are as irritating and nauseating than most pollutants. They have the ability to resist even a thorough car wash and are thus harmful to the body work and paint that of your car or van. Insects typically sputter in front of the bumper. On the other hand, tar is glued to the body panels, spraying up from the road via the back of the tires. There are however sophisticated car wash products that can extract tar and the disgusting insect splatter from your car.

Active Removal Products

There are various models of insects and tar removers. They are made as sprays, creams and detergents or soaps.

Applying car cleaning spray products is an effective method of tackling tar spots and insects. To use it, spray the product on the dirty area and give it time to infiltrate the stain. Carefully clean the now liquefied blot with a dirt free towel. If needed, repeat the process.

Creams: Tar and insects removers were first manufactured in the form of a can of cream. With the use of cloth, carefully apply the remover on to the spot until it dissolves. Use a clean towel to clean off the cream and the stain bugs or tar.

Regardless of the form of remover selected, you should only exert minimal force to prevent it from damaging your vehicles paint.


How Do You Avoid Insects and Tar Being Glued To Your Paint?

Prevention will always be better than cure, thus, on a weekly basis, use a polyester sponge to clean the bumper and body panels of your car. If your environment is notorious for lots of insects or you do lots of motorway miles, add a sufficient amount of car wax to the frontal parts of your vehicle, this will help the insect slide off.

You may also choose to apply a thin layer of baby lotion. Avoid the use of sprays which are non-adhesive. This spray gives way to an adhesive residue that depletes your cars paint and may cause more damage. Always check with manufacturer recommendations before applying cleaning products to your vehicle.


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