Fixing Car Scratches


Fixing Car Scratches

If your car has been scratched – then read on….

If your car has been deliberately vandalised then report it to the police and refer to your insurance company to see if you have vandalism cover but the chances are though, that your car has been dinked accidentally by another motorist or has been hit by gravel or stones as you have been driving along.

There are 3 layers on the metal body panel; a clear coat, a base coat, and a primer. Run your fingers over the scratch, if your fingernail doesn’t catch, then the scratch is in the clear coat of the paintwork and you could use an everyday household product…the humble toothpaste to deal with it as follows:

Wash the area (and some of the surrounding area) with warm soapy water and then rinse before drying with a clean, dry cloth.

Put a 2p sized amount of toothpaste (whitening toothpaste for best results) on to a dampened microfibre cloth and in a circular motion, rub the area using enough pressure to ensure that the toothpaste is spread evenly across the affected area.

Rinse the area thoroughly with warm soapy water removing all the toothpaste and then dry with a clean dry microfibre cloth.

If the scratch remains then you can repeat this method twice more but be careful to follow all instructions to avoid lasting damage to your paintwork.

If when you run your fingers over the scratch and your fingernail does catch, then you might still be able to fix it yourself with the help of a scratch removal kit.

If, on the other hand, the scratch is deeper than the very tip of your fingernail, then you will need to book your car in with a garage that specialises in bodywork repairs or call one of the mobile dent repairers in your area.

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