Driving Safely In The Sunshine


Driving Safely In The Sunshine

With summer around the corner and the sun rising from the low winter position the chance of glare is increased. we want all of our customers to enjoy the summer and of course their family trips; below are some of our top tips on driving safely in the sunshine.

Keep your sunglasses in your car

It sounds a little obvious but lots of people still forget to keep their sunglasses in their car and only realise when they need them most. No matter if you’re popping to the local shops or making a long holiday journey, having a your sunglasses on hand at this time of the year will help give you the best view of the road possible. It’s a great idea to buy polarised sunglasses as these help reduce glare.

Protecting your eyes with the sun visor

All cars have a sun visor available to protect your eyes from strong sunlight and glare but they do have the negative effect of limiting your view of the road in front.  Pulling your sun visor downwards should provide a decent level of shade to allow you to keep driving safely in the sunshine. This of course depends on the sun and your seating position. If you are on a road where you find the sunshine is coming through your driver side window you can simply unhook the visor and adjust the blind around towards the side window.

Driving safety in the sun’s glare

If the sun is still affecting your vision of the road, it’s advisable to change your driving position and speed to suit the affecting conditions. Try to allow more room for the vehicle in front so that you have adequate braking distance should the car stop suddenly. Driving with your headlights on when the sun is interfering with your vision can help you visibly warn others of your vehicle. By keeping your lights on will help oncoming vehicles see you and avoid an accident.

Keep your windscreen clean

The suns glare will amplify any marks, dirt or imperfections on your windscreen so ensure that you keep it clean and repair any damage before driving. Make a check list of items to do check off before travel, for instance, check that you have enough windscreen washer fluid so that you can clean your screen on the go.

What is worst time to drive in the sun?

Driving around sunrise or before the sunset are generally the worst times to experience sun glare on the screen. This is also more noticeable in the spring and autumn months when the sun is positioned lower in the sky during the day.

Keeping your car in tip top shape

As the summer approaches you may want to ensure your car is in top shape for the weekend getaways or family holidays, speak to Julie or one of the team to arrange an inspection, service or MOT.

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