Discounted MOT – Why Pay More?


Discounted MOT – Why Pay More Than £30?

Every vehicle, once three years old is subject to an annual MOT test, we wrote a whole page about what an MOT test entails so that you have all of the facts to keep your car the right side of the law.

For all class IV MOT tests we here at PDL charge a fixed flat fee of just £30, why do we do this?  Well imagine a supermarket versus corner shop scenario, they sell the same product from the same brand that does exactly the same job but at a cheaper rate, a loss leader if  you will, we hope that once you have tried our fantastic service and taken advantage of our great MOT test price you will want to come back for other car related work, plus we hope that you may even tell your family and friends about us.

If My Car Fails Do We Pay For A Re-Test?

No, absolutely not, as part of the MOT test price that we charge upfront you are covered for one re-test if your car should fail the first time around. All re-tests must be carried out within 10 days as per the authorities rules.

Are We Tied To PDL MOT For the Repair Work?

Some other garages do tie you to the repair work with them but at PDL we feel that you should have free choice over who repairs your car, of course there are benefits to having the work done in house with us but  it’s completely your choice.

Are PDL MOT’s The Same Standard As Other Garages?

All MOT approved test stations must work to strict guidelines to ensure consistency, these guidelines are dictated by DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) formally known as VOSA and any garage that breaks the rules are subject to fines and potentially having their licence revoked. PDL MOT & Repairs work inline with the DVSA guidelines and adhere to their rulings on what can and cannot pass an MOT test.


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