Crash Test Dummies Take a Beating

Crash Test Dummies Take a Beating to Ensure Safety Improvements

Many people make sacrifices every day for the welfare of the masses. Some of these individuals gain hero status. We cannot thank these hero’s enough for the sacrifices they make, of course we are talking about Crash Test Dummies! Did you know that crash dummies take a beating to ensure safety improvements? These dummies get no respect for the most part. It seems politically incorrect to even refer to them as dummies. This is our lighthearted attempt at humour, but in all seriousness; we owe a lot to these crash dummies.

Crash Test Dummies Save Lives

It has been estimated that crash dummies have saved around 15,000 lives in the UK over the past two decades alone. No, the dummies did not perform heroic feats on the streets of Great Britain. But they did take a beating for the better of mankind. The crash testing centre in the UK is Thatcham Research. Over the past 20 years, numerous tests have been executed to monitor safety results. The dummies represent the passengers in a vehicle crash. The tests demonstrate what kind of punishment a human might suffer during the accident.

Crash Test Dummies Are Not Dummies At All

The truth of the matter is that crash dummies are not dummies at all. They are equipped with state of the art technology. Any pressure or disturbance is monitored and recorded. It is instantly analyzed and reviewed. It is through this continuous method that safety improvements to vehicles are made. Crashes at various speeds let the researchers know what injuries could be sustained during an accident. These experts can determine if broken bones or life-threatening injuries would occur. Their findings are used to improve safety conditions in the vehicles.

Special Report: Crash Test Dummies Prefer Honda Jazz over Rover 100

It is amazing how much damage could be sustained at various levels of speed. A general comparison was made between a 1997 Rover 100 and a new Honda Jazz. The differences were astonishing. The crash dummies in the Rover consistently sustained more damage and life threatening injuries than those in the Honda. A 40 mph crash left the Rover crushed beyond recognition; while the safety cage in the jazz remained virtually intact. The engineers and techs at Thatcham Research were astounded by how far safety has come over the last 20 years.

Crash test dummies do not feel pain and not one dummy were truly harmed during these tests. Okay, maybe they were damaged quite a bit, but their sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. It is true. Crash dummies take a beating to ensure safety improvements.

We should all be thankful that they do, take a look at the video to see how newer cars protect us and our loved ones.

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