Choosing The Best Engine Oil For Your Vehicle


Choosing The Best Engine Oil For Your Vehicle

Maintaining a car and having it run perfectly is not as simple as it seems, and often requires a sufficient amount of skill. However, even a rookie would know one thing about cars: and engines: the fact that engine oil is essential.

With all the parts working in conjunction within the cars engine, it would be impossible for them to function smoothly if it weren’t for engine oil keeping them lubricated. In the absence of engine oil, the friction would render many of the engine’s parts such as the valve components, camshaft, rod bearings and pistons useless. In short, if there’s one thing your car needs – it’s engine oil.

Engine Oil naturally requires that it be changed at intervals regularly. It’s important to make sure you’re going with a engine oil that is suitable to your particular car and will be conductive to its operations. In this article, we break down how you should make the best engine oil choice for your car.

Engine Oil For Newer Vehicles

If you happen to have a relatively new vehicle (meaning any vehicle that is from 2015 and onwards, you’ll most probably have to use of synthetic oil. Synthetic Oil has evolved in the last two decades and continues to be the preferred choice for new vehicles.

There are several reasons behind this. First off, at a molecular level, Synthetic Oil tends to be extremely stable and has the ability to withstand a high amount of pressure that would not be possible for molecules of the conventional oil choices. The other good thing about Synthetic Oil is that it does not crack under temperature. Be it cold or hot, it is not going to change so drastically that it gets too thick and makes it difficult to start the car. This is in contrast with conventional oils that tends to thicken under cold temperatures which doesn’t help in the crucial moments after starting the car which are tough on the engine and require a high quality oil.

Engine Oil For Older Older Cars

For older cars, it’s always better to go with high mileage oils. High mileage oils can be a blend of conventional as well as synthetic oil and is suitable for older vehicles because it addresses several issues pertaining to them – especially when they have gone past a hundred thousand miles and the tolerance of the engine has gotten looser. The additives within high mileage oils ensure that all these problems are addressed and keep everything running smoothly.

If you’re uncertain which kind of oil to choose, get in touch with the team here at PDL MOT and we will point you in the right direction for your car.

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