How To Check Your Cars MOT


How To Check Your Cars MOT

It’s always good to keep a check your cars mot and when your car’s annual MOT test is due, some like to diarise this and others just await the reminder notice, however some also forget that on the last MOT their vehicle was given advisory notes. Advisory notes are comments by the MOT tester that they feel need to be addressed or monitored but are not a big enough issue to fail at that given point, however these could fail in the future making your car unroadworthy.

Keeping track of these advisories and acting on them will keep you car in the best health and avoid knock on issues that may occur because of them.

The DVSA provides multiple tools to help you keep track, monitor and check a vehicles current and historic MOT & Road Tax status and advisories as well as offering a link through to the Motor Codes website which is able to offer information about manufacturer recalls on certain vehicles.

Checking When Buying A New Car

You may also want to check the history of a car pre-purchase to see what advisories it has been given over the previous few tests, this will give you something to look for on the car to ensure that the work has been carried out, the seller should have receipts for it.

If the seller is yet to have the advisories looked at or fixed you can use this as a bargaining tool to help reduce the sale price of the vehicle, after all you know these advisories exist and could potentially turn into costly problems further down the line so why would you purchase a vehicle with such issues unless you are getting a great deal.


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