Air conditioning recharge this winter

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Winter Air conditioning recharge at PDL MOTs & Repairs

A winter Air conditioning recharge is a strange concept but definitely one worth looking into.

Are you aware that 10% of your vehicles air conditioning gasses are lost over the course of every 12 months? This also means that you lose 10% efficiency to this particular system on your car.

All vehicle manufacturers recommend that you have an air conditioning recharge, of  gas and lubricant, every 2 years minimum.

Why in the winter? you might ask, when cold air is the last thing you look forward to, on those dark cold mornings.

Well actually, a vehicles A/C system is very clever, it takes the damp cold air from outside the vehicle and filters it, removing the moisture from it and pumping it into the car through its ventilation system.

When this method is applied and the hot air is turned up, this will help to demist your windscreen and other windows in up to half the time it would take, if you were to apply damp unfiltered air.

An added benefit to having this service carried out in the winter, it means you will avoid the cues in the summer and be entering the British hot season prepared, ready and with no nasty surprises.

An Air conditioning recharge and check over, should take no more than 45 minutes and presuming there are no issues with any of the components of your A/C system, a certificate or printout offering you, a before and after perspective, should be issued to you as the customer.

For added piece of mind, if you are unsure as to the condition of your vehicles air conditioning system,

here at PDL MOTs & Repairs, there will be no charge for any of the checks, or the procedure itself, if your cars A/C system is found to have a leak. This means that you would get this worth while service for FREE!

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