£2000 Fine For Driving An MOT Failure


£2000 Fine For Driving An MOT Failure

MOT tests have been around since the 1960’s and were brought in so that older vehicles were maintained to a certain basic standard ensuring that they remained safe to drive. Given the name Ministry of Transport test or nickname “10 year test” it later evolved into what we know today, the MOT test.

56 years later the MOT is still a key part of the rigorous safety testing that all vehicles must comply with on an annual basis to ensure their roadworthy-ness.


What If I drive My Car Without An MOT?

Driving without a valid MOT test certificate can in many cases invalidate your insurance, this is something that you should check with your own policy if you need to travel without a test. Should you have an accident or are involved with the police for any other reason you face a prosecution and a hefty fine of £2000.


What if I need to Drive My Car To The Garage For It’s Test?

Driving your car to a pre-arranged test appointment or to a garage that will carry out repairs that are required for your vehicle to pass the MOT test is the only time you may drive a car without a valid MOT certificate in place.


How Can I Get An MOT At PDL?

Getting an MOT is easy with PDL, Simply call into our office on 01452 524611 or contact us through this website to arrange an appointment with one of our highly trained mechanics and technicians.

MOT’s at PDL for most vehicles cost as little as £30 so there is no reason why your vehicle can’t stay legal and roadworthy, keeping you off the police radar and saving you from a £2000 fine for driving an MOT failure.

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