Why You Should Have An Air-Con Service This Summer


Help your Hayfever With A Summer Air-con Service

The summer is well and truly in full swing and here at PDL MOT & Repairs Gloucester we are very much enjoying the weather, but like many of you both myself and a few of the team suffer from the horrible annual battle with itchy eyes and everything else associated with hayfever, yuk!

We do however manage to get some respite when we are travelling either to and from work or when collecting your cars for their MOT or Service as we always maintain the air-conditioning systems within our vehicles, so many of you however let this simple service slip and carry on suffering.

What are the main benefits of a summer air-con service?

Apart from the obvious crisp cool air being circulated around your car if you hit the recirculate button and let the air inside the car continue to pass through your air conditioning filter system you manage to keep the air dust and pollen free thus giving you a much needed break from the sniffles and desperate clawing of your eyeballs!

Ok so when do I need a air-con service?

Most manufacturers tend to suggest around every 18 months as an absolute MINIMUM with an annual summer air-con service being the chosen preference because as well as draining the aircon gas every time you use it the system will naturally lose around 10% per annum on its own. As the gas in the air conditioning system is reduced naturally over time and through continued use the system will start to struggle to produce cold air and will eventually stop.

What does an air conditioning service include?

  • Vaccuum system and leak test
  • System control and temp check
  • Replace Oil & Add U/V Dye
  • Recover Refrigerant

Normfest Viro Air-Con Service CannisterWhat other services do you offer?

While doing a full check and re-gas of your air-conditioning system we are able to offer several linked services, the first of which is the changing of the pollen filter, having this replaced at the same time means you will benefit from no residual pollen in your aircon system and will be able to take in the crisp clean air.

The second service we offer is a popular one, over time your air conditioning system even when serviced can start to smell a bit like old socks, so we recommend releasing the Normfest viro-automatic canister into your air-con system this replaces the whiff with a fresh fragrance that is absorbed into the air-con system and filters giving your car a much more enjoyable smell overtime you start the car.

How long will it take you to carry out the air-conditioning service, is there a wait?

You do not usually need to book for an air-con re-gas and we can do it while you wait but it’s probably advisable to Contact Us first as we have been pretty hectic with demand given the recent weather, the next couple of weeks looks likely to be a record breaker according to the Met office so now is the time to get your car booked in and ready for the next round of this UK heatwave.

What is the cost of an air-con re-gas?

Our air-con service are normally £40 but if you book through our website we are offering you this fantastic service for only £30 this summer so don’t delay and book now to avoid disappointment.

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