Problem Solving Your Air Con


Problem Solving Your Air Con

During summer, repairs to your cars air conditioning system rank highly on your to-do-list. Here are a few tips to help you diagnose faults in your vehicles A/C system, alongside information about when to change the compressor or renew or refill the air con system.

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Benefits Of An Air Conditioning Recharge


Your Air Conditioning Deteriorates Every Year

Every year your cars air conditioning gases are slowly seeping away with around 10% of the gas that helps keep your car cool throughout the summer lost, this dissipation of the gases means that your cars air conditioning system is loosing its efficiency and effectiveness to combat heat.

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Why You Should Have An Air-Con Service This Summer


Help your Hayfever With A Summer Air-con Service

The summer is well and truly in full swing and here at PDL MOT & Repairs Gloucester we are very much enjoying the weather, but like many of you both myself and a few of the team suffer from the horrible annual battle with itchy eyes and everything else associated with hayfever, yuk!

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Air conditioning recharge this winter

Air Conditioning Checks Gloucester

Winter Air conditioning recharge at PDL MOTs & Repairs

A winter Air conditioning recharge is a strange concept but definitely one worth looking into.

Are you aware that 10% of your vehicles air conditioning gasses are lost over the course of every 12 months? This also means that you lose 10% efficiency to this particular system on your car.
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