Damaging Effects Of Potholes On Your Car


Damaging Effects Of Potholes On Your Car

When your car runs into one of the many potholes on our roads it may cause serious harm to your wheel and suspension. The degree of the harm is usually dependent on the speed with which your car runs into it. The higher the speed with which your car runs into the pothole, the greater the impact and the more potential damage to your car.

The size of the pothole your car runs into is also a determinant factor of the kind of damage that will be caused in your car. Running into potholes can cause serious damage to your car’s steering components and suspension as well as setting off airbags inside the car if the impact is big enough. Potholes can also cause some damages to the tyres and rims. Both over-inflated and under-inflated tyres are more susceptible to pothole damages than properly inflated tyres. This is one of the reasons proper inflation is necessary for your tyres.

Potholes can also dent or crack your wheel rims no matter how tough they are. In a more severe case, it could lead to lower engine and undercarriage damage, damage of the exhaust system is another example of the kind of costly damage that will leave your car off the road.

Signs of pothole damage on your car

  • There may be loss of directional control when you stop suddenly
  • Engine oil may be leaking from a part of the vehicle
  • Your car may be lower in height and its tyres will be more covered by the bumpers
  • There may be some bumps or thumps or both
  • Your vehicle may slide sideways when approaching a bend (oversteering)
  • When you accelerate, the rear end of your vehicle may go right down
  • You vehicle may dive forward when you apply the brake


Why it is necessary to avoid potholes

The major reason you should avoid potholes where safe to do so is that it will save you the cost of fixing the damage it will do to your car.

It is advisable to leave enough distance between you and the vehicle in front of you so that if he swerves to avoid a pothole, you won’t run into it. It will give you enough time to react and avoid it too. As most of our roads have lots of potholes it is advisable to lower your speed whilst travelling. When you are at a low speed you are less likely to run into any pothole and if you do, the impact will be minimal.

It is also a bad idea to apply brakes when running through a pothole, this will tilt your car forward and place a large amount of stress on the front suspension since the front suspension and front wheel is usually the first part of the car to hit a pothole.


Pothole but no damage?

When you run into a pothole and you don’t see any of the signs listed above, that does not mean that the car is not damaged, It could be that the fault is still too small to give you a sign. So, it is better to take it for a proper “check up” by an experienced mechanic.

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